A nonprofit organization working for
equal housing opportunity

Our Purpose

The Fair Housing Association of Connecticut, Inc. (FHACT) is a nonprofit association of fair housing  professionals and other advocates representing communities and organizations across the state of Connecticut.

Since its inception in 1980, the group has set equal housing opportunity as the focus of its course of action.  In addition to serving as a resource for information on fair housing and fair lending issues, FHACT’s chief purpose is to work toward the development of cooperation among producers and consumers of housing, as well as profit and nonprofit groups with housing-related concerns, in an attempt to meet the goal of a free and open housing society.

Our Work, History, & Achievements

FHACT is an action-oriented organization concerned with creating equal housing opportunity and great housing choice for all segments of the community.  

In an effort to educate members as well as those in the lending and real estate industries and the general public, FHACT holds periodic meetings throughout the year and our long-running Annual Fair Housing Conference.

FHACT is also active in the legislative field. In 1981, FHACT led a successful coalition effort in the CT General Assembly which resulted in the passing of a law protecting families with minor children from housing discrimination (before a similar federal law took effect in 1988). Again in 1990, FHACT worked toward the passage of a Comprehensive Fair Housing Act at the state level, which served to provide even greater housing rights for state residents.

FHACT is also an advocate for strong enforcement and has been responsible for assisting with the filing of complaints and providing effective legal representation for many residents who have experienced discrimination. Most noteworthy victories occurred in 1999 and again in 2008 when the CT Supreme Court decided in the famous “Sullivan Cases I & II” affirming protections for lawful source of income (i.e., Section 8). 

FHACT has been recognized for its accomplishments by HUD with the receipt of the “Fair Housing & Equal Opportunity Fair Housing Award” given in recognition of its high quality of work promoting fair housing. 


FHACT is open for membership to anyone who subscribes to the goals and objectives of equal housing opportunity. Annual membership dues are currently set at $25.00.


P.O. Box 2052 
Norwalk, CT 06852

(203) 854-7820
[email protected]


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