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As of December 2023, FHACT is no longer in operation.

A Message from our Board of Directors – January 15, 2024

FHACt Members and Friends:

It is with great sadness that we are reporting the dissolution of the Fair Housing Association of Connecticut, Inc. (FHACt). After much discussion and several lmeetings, the FHACt Board and leadership concluded that the Connecticut housing advocacy community no longer had the volunteer support and leadership needed to sustain the continuance of the organization’s mission.

Founded in 1980, the organization received 501(c)3 charitable organization designation by the IRS on April 27, 1981. Over the last forty plus years, FHACt hosted annual conferences, sponsored workshops, organized networking opportunities, arranged training events, and provided support to Fair Housing Offices and advocates across Connecticut.

In addition to the support from the broad-based membership, we have greatly appreciated support from the State of Connecticut, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and members of the real estate, banking, and legal services community. With your support, FHACt has thrived as a force to counteract violations of the civil rights of Connecticut residents on multiple fronts. Our success and impact would not have been possible without our invaluable agency partners, including the Connecticut Fair Housing Center, Connecticut Legal Serviecs, and the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO), to name a few.

On November 16, 2023, a special meeting of the Board of Directors was held in Wallingford, CT. A quorum was verified, and a motion was passed unanimously authorizing the Chairman and Treasurer to execute a Certificate of Dissolution and to take whatever action was necessary to effectuate the termination of FHACt as a business/nonprofit entity. Action was also taken to authorize the donation of the remaining cash assets (approximately $7,000) to one or more like-minded 501(c)3 charitable organizations.

It is coincidentally symbolic that this announcement is being drafted on Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. This is the only federal holiday that encourages community engagement and volunteer action to promote social change and economic opportunity. We hope this commitment becomes part of FHACt’s legacy.


Margaret K. Suib, FHACt Chairperson – (203) 854-7820  |  [email protected]

Thomas J. Ivers, FHACt Treasurer

We encourage you to explore the organizations and resources listed below to continue fighting for fair housing in Connecticut and beyond!

Fair Housing Resources in Connecticut & New England

Connecticut Fair Housing Center – Statewide nonprofit working to ensure that all people have equal access to housing, free from discrimination. Provides free legal assistance and representation to people facing housing discrimination, eviction, and foreclosure. Also offers variety of educational materials and trainings on fair housing laws and rights, research and publications related to housing justice, community organizing and policy advocacy.

State of CT Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO) – State agency with a mission to eliminate discrimination through civil and human rights law enforcement and to establish equal opportunity and justice for all persons within the state through advocacy and education. If you believe you have experienced housing discrimination, you can file a complaint directly with the CHRO or contact the CT Fair Housing Center (above) for support in filing a complaint.

Housing Discrimination is Illegal in Connecticut – Flyer from the state CHRO with overview of housing discrimination protections in Connecticut.

Connecticut Legal Services – CT Legal Services provides free legal assistance for a variety of issues facing Connecticut residents, including housing-related issues such as eviction, landlord-tenant disputes, etc. (cannot assist with criminal defense). If you live in the Hartford area, you can contact Greater Hartford Legal Aid directly. If you live in the New Haven area, you can contact New Haven Legal Assistance directly.

CTLawHelp.org – Site managed by CT Legal Services with a variety of self-help resources and guides to managing common legal issues in Connecticut.

U.S. Department of Housing & Human Development – Connecticut Office – HUD’s local office website has a wide variety of housing-related resources related to homeownership, renting, fair housing, housing vouchers, and more.

Open Communities Alliance – Connecticut-based civil rights organization that promotes access to opportunity for all people through education, organizing, advocacy, research, and partnerships. (Note: does not provide direct legal assistance to individuals).

Statewide Legal Services of Connecticut Statewide legal aid advice and referral center helping low-income people solve their legal problems. Can help with legal questions about housing as well as family, public benefits, unemployment and other problems.

Local Fair Housing Officers – Many communities in Connecticut have a Fair Housing Officer (FHO) to assist local residents who believe they may have experienced housing discrimination. Contact your local City or Town Hall (or Google your town name + Fair Housing Officer) to find out if your city/town has a FHO.

EvictionHelpCT.org – Resources for people in Connecticut who are facing eviction. Find out if you qualify for free legal representation for your case through the Right to Counsel program.

Massachusetts Fair Housing Center – MFHC provides free legal services to those who have experienced housing discrimination, in Berkshire, Franklin, Hampshire, Hampden, and Worcester counties. (Fair Housing Center of Boston serves the Eastern part of the state).

National Fair Housing Resources

National Fair Housing Alliance – The only national-level nonprofit organization dedicated to ending housing discrimination. Takes on multi-state housing discrimination cases, publishes research and reports on the state of fair housing in the U.S., and advocates at the federal level for policies that ensure everyone has equal access to housing.

U.S. Department of Housing & Human Development – Fair Housing & Equal Opportunity Office – The mission of the Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO) is to eliminate housing discrimination, promote economic opportunity, and achieve diverse, inclusive communities by leading the nation in the enforcement, administration, development, and public understanding of federal fair housing policies and laws.

About FHACt

The Fair Housing Association of Connecticut, Inc. (FHACT) was a nonprofit association of fair housing  professionals and other advocates representing communities and organizations across the state of Connecticut.

Since its inception in 1980 until its dissolution in 2023, the group set equal housing opportunity as the focus of its course of action.  In addition to serving as a resource for information on fair housing and fair lending issues, FHACT’s chief purpose was to work toward the development of cooperation among producers and consumers of housing, as well as for-profit and nonprofit groups with housing-related concerns, in an attempt to meet the goal of a free and open housing society

Our Work, History, & Achievements

FHACT was an action-oriented organization concerned with creating equal housing opportunity and great housing choice for all segments of the community.  

In an effort to educate members as well as those in the lending and real estate industries and the general public, FHACT held periodic meetings throughout the year and our long-running Annual Fair Housing Conference.

FHACT was also active in the legislative field. In 1981, FHACT led a successful coalition effort in the CT General Assembly which resulted in the passing of a law protecting families with minor children from housing discrimination (before a similar federal law took effect in 1988). Again in 1990, FHACT worked toward the passage of a Comprehensive Fair Housing Act at the state level, which served to provide even greater housing rights for state residents.

FHACT was also an advocate for strong enforcement and has been responsible for assisting with the filing of complaints and providing effective legal representation for many residents who have experienced discrimination. Most noteworthy victories occurred in 1999 and again in 2008 when the CT Supreme Court decided in the famous “Sullivan Cases I & II” affirming protections for lawful source of income (i.e., Section 8). 

FHACT was recognized for its accomplishments by HUD with the receipt of the “Fair Housing & Equal Opportunity Fair Housing Award” given in recognition of its high quality of work promoting fair housing. 


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